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Passionate About Inspiring Others

                 Born and raised in Missoula Montana where I grew up listening to stories told 'round the campfire, under the moon and stars.  Missoula is a mystical and magical place to grow up and I'm trying my best to keep the mystery and magic alive the only way I know how.   


               My brother and I used to play with our stuffed animals religiously all throughout our childhood.  Once we got to high school we felt like we needed to stop so we started doing theater to fill that creative gap.   Then right out of high school we started  our own theater company called The Moonrisers..  We wrote, directed, produced and starred in all our plays and use to perform in the old basement of the ZACC and on the stage of the Roxy.  We then moved the company to San Francisco where we put another 10 plays or so before Covid hit and shut us down.  Meantime throughout all the theater and stuffed animals we were also playing Dungeons and Dragons.  I started off with the 3.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons and then moved to 5th edition after a brief interlude of 4th edition and Pathfinder.  Later we dabbled in other RPG's but always found ourselves coming back to D&D.  Now, back in Missoula at the height of D&D's popularity I hold myself responsible to train the new generations in the ways of D&D.

            I believe in focusing more on storyline than focusing on rules and basic fighting.  I don't run store bought modules and instead run a completely unique story in a world of my own.  I don't like overly violent games and I believe D&D is a great medium for teaching strategy, sociability, quick thinking, empathy and morality.  I believe D&D is a wonderful way to learn about yourself through a character you're being.  Your character can be any race or gender and have any personality and that can be a great way to become comfortable and aware of yourself and those you play with.  

         Being an artist myself I love to bring the story to life by making physical maps, certificates, letters, contracts and portraits from the game to pass out in real life.  I like to play music or sound effects sometimes during the game and use different voices every now and again.  My dream is to create a league of Dungeon Masters on call that will rise to meet any willing group of creative youngsters (or adults for that matter).

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