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Aluycious LostStroodles Magic Item Shop

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

New Magic Item!

Fishing Rod of Portals- This fishing rod opens a portal to the plane of water and drops bait on the other side. With a successful roll you can lure out all manner of strange sea monsters such as...

New Pet!

Ghost Lantern Fish- This Lantern fish floats around you casting dim light out to 10’. While the only light in the area is your lantern-fish enemies have disadvantage on fear saves.

Pet Accessories- Fun gifts for your familiar!

  • Saddle of Size Altering

  • Leaf hat of weathering

  • Carrots of Curious Speed (750gp), Turnips of True sight, (2,222gp), Abjuration Apples (500gp) and bags of endless feed. (20,000gp)

  • Horseshoes of Haste

  • Top hat, capes and bow ties +1cha (25g)

  • Silver Acorn- Your familiar will be happy as long as it has this acorn

  • Wing Suit- Allows your familiar to fly for 1 min per short rest. (can be broken up into segments)

  • Doll Disguise- As long as your familiar can remain motionless it might pass for a doll.

  • Small Saddle Bracer- This leather bracer becomes a saddle for any small or tiny creature.

More to come...

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