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Bard College Courtesan

Blown kiss

At 3rd level you are able to distract with your beauty. As a reaction you may attempt to break a spell caster's concentration causing them to roll a concentration check against your Spell Save.   On a failure the spell ends immediately. 

Feign Fragility

At 3rd level as a reaction you may cause an opponent who successfully hits you or an adjacent ally with an attack (but has not rolled for damage) to make a wis save or the attack misses and they are stunned until the end of your next round. You can use this feature once per short rest. This will also end rage. 


At 6th level you may give a cursed bardic inspiration die over a long rest as long as they’ve spent the long rest within 10’ of you.  Until they’ve used your bardic inspiration die they are poisoned.  If they attempt to use it without you seeing it they must succeed on a will save against your performance check. If they fail they cannot use it without you looking at them. They may attempt the save again after a short rest.  


At 6th level you may cast crown of thorns on anyone who has one of your unused bardic inspiration die. You may use this feature once per short rest. 

Undying Love

At 14th level If an ally with one of your bardic inspirations falls below 1 HP they can use their bardic inspiration to regain that much HP.

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