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Blood Hunter Order of the Sanguinate

Blood hunters of The Order of the Sanguinate have learned to collect their blood to be used by others in medicine to heal, cure and even enhance by way of infusions and ingestions. Some blood hunters have been known to work as doctors or travelling salesman and others arep hunted and captured so they may be sanguinated daily. In either case these blood hunters bodies have learned to lose large quantities of blood without dying. When their blood is drawn they may perform a ritual to give themselves temporary HP equal to half the amount of HP lost in this way. 

Blood pool- equal to your level in blood hunter +proficiency bonus. Each blood point equals 1d8 of HP. Some blood hunters uses leeches while others vials, syringes or other containers. These blood points last until you make more of them. This ritual takes 1 min. per blood point and you cannot perform the ritual again until you’ve finished a long rest. There are 4 different types of blood you can collect and you must record the HP lost and type of each blood point when collected.

These blood points can be pooled into a single container with the benefits of all the blood points inside. A target can ingest one container per turn.

  • Healing- for each 1d8 damage you may heal 2d8 HP.

  • At 7th level the target also benefits from the effects of the lessor restoration spell.

  • At 11th level you can bring someone back from the dead that has been dead from no more than 1 minute per blood point spent. 

  • At 15th level the target also benefits from the effects of the greater restoration spell. 

  • At 18th level the target also gains the benefits of the enhance ability spell.  

  • Poison- Targets that ingest this blood must succeed on a con save or be poisoned and take 1d8 necrotic damage for 1 turn per blood point ingested. Add 1 per blood point ingested to the con save. 

  • Add 1d8 to the damage at 7th level and again at 11th, 15th and 18th.

  • Snake Oil- Learn one first level transmutation spell of your choice. in order to infuse a blood point with this spell you must use 2 blood points per level of the spell used. At 7th level you learn a 2nd level transmutation spell. At 15th level you learn a 3rd level transmutation spell and and 18th a 4th level transmutation spell.

  • Blood Puppet. You may infuse a creature with your blood. For every blood point used in this way you may give a creature a +1 to attack and damage rolls and give them the HP of the blood point in temp HP. They must also succeed on a wis save or be affected by Crown of Madness as if the blood hunter had cast it. Whether they succeed or not they fly into a rage as per the barbarian class feature. They may also get bigger depending on their size and how much blood was used. This effect lasts until they lose all their temporary HP or until they are raging (whichever lasts longer).

  • At 7th level you may keep the rage going with a successful concentration check and when the effect lasts 1 round past when it would normally end.  Add 1 to the DC for each active puppet. Add another bonus round at 11th, 15th and 18th.

1d8- small

2d8- medium

4d8- large

8d8- huge

16d8- gargantuan 

Life link- 3rd level, through experimentation giving your blood to animals you form a permanent connection with one. You may cast summon familiar once per long rest without expending a spell slot. You learn this spell if you don’t already know it. 

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