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Character Ideas

These are some examples of the classic and an alternative way of looking at character classes. Sometimes it’s fun to play a caricature but I think it’s even better to try and sway as far from the expected as possible. Some of you students (you know who you are) have extremely creative and unique characters. I would include some of them in the examples of unexpected characters but I want to give examples you haven’t experienced first hand.


Expected- Conan the barbarian: an axe swinging illiterate barbarian wearing a loincloth who bears a strong resemblance to Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

Unexpected- Conan the librarian: A small gnome with serious anger problems. Very polite and peaceful til he loses his temper and viciously attacks with an oversized book, pencil or ruler.


Expected- A holy man who worships Pelor the sun god. He is very righteous in his thinking and calls down the wrath of his god to all who oppose him.

Unexpected- An old west Snake Oil salesman who worships Jubilex the Demon Lord of Slimes. They are working on the right combination of elixirs to turn people into oozes. Likes to carry around a glass that appears to be full of ice but is actually miniature gelatinous cubes.


Expected- a bumbling squire who follows around greatness, playing their lute. Wears high socks and pantaloons and has a pretty yet obnoxious voice.

Unexpected- A criminal mastermind that is always giving villainous monologues about taking over the world to inspire their allies. Has a tesla coil helmet over their giant head that is always sending out sparks of electricity. They wear a cape and spandex underwear and call themselves Count Coil Brain!


Expected- An elf who shapeshifts into animals to protect nature.

Unexpected- A dead knight who has been brought back to life by fungus but wants to be human and is extremely vain, donning powdered wigs and makeup to look more attractive and less…dead.


Expected- An ex soldier turned bounty hunter. An orphan that only cares about killing and looting. He wields a long sword and a shield.

Unexpected- An ex ballerina turned maid when her dancing dreams fell through. After the family that hired her was killed she’s out for revenge. She wields a mop two handed and fires arrows with plungers on the tips.


Expected- A martial arts master who was born in a monastery in the mountains.

Unexpected- An ex businessman who now lives as a hippy who sells gourds out of his caravan. He swore off coffee years ago but he keeps a bag of coffee beans with him in case of emergencies. When he drinks coffee he is a killing machine who moves at lightning speeds.


Expected- A knight in shining armor who rides a majestic white stallion and smites evil with her longsword.

Unexpected- A rock n' roll legend who wields a magical electric guitar and smites those who do not rock! She is leather clad and calls upon rock legends to bless her and her allies.


Expected- A thief or assassin who is constantly trying to get a sneak attack to deal max damage.

Unexpected- A goblin who is a James Bond style secret agent and is always trying to woo fair maidens who want nothing to do with him.


Expected- A mercenary tiefling who is the son of Asmodeus that shoots flames out of his hands.

Unexpected- A cereal box mascot named Princess Peanutbutter Puff who tours around the world promoting her cereal with feats of magic.


Expected- Made a pact with a strange cthullian entity that allows you to constantly fire eldritch blasts and speak telepathically and asks for nothing in return.

Unexpected- Made a pact with a leprechaun to give half your gold away in exchange for the ability to act well. Now they can look and sound like anyone and use fey trickery to rise up in the world and be a famous actor.


Expected- A small bearded man who wears a robe and is obsessed with copying other wizards spells and attaining power.

Unexpected- A boy genius who believes we live in the dream of a sleeping dragon. Records extensive notes and studies magic believing that anything is possible in dreams and therefore “reality”.

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