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Artificer Specialist Fireworks Artificer

Updated: Apr 24

Fireworks Specialist- Artificer Subclass

New Spells:

3rd- fog cloud, Color Spray

5th- pyrotechnics, enthrall

9th- fireball, Hypnotic Pattern

13th- Wall of Fire, Sickening Radiance

17th- Wall of Light, Destructive Wave  

Book of Endless Fireworks- At first level you learn to craft a fireworks book.  A magical tome where the pages can be ripped out using a full action and made into fireworks which are treated as artificer magical tinkering objects and count toward your total. Add your proficiency bonus to your total number of magical tinkering objects. When you cast one of these spells you may delay the casting by one or two and the spell is counted as being cast either from where you originally cast the spell or where you are when it takes effect. When a spell is cast this way of damage dice. Each one of these spells simultaneously casts Prestidigitation and /or Dancing Lights where the spell takes effect.

  • Create Bonfire

  • Firebolt- on a roll of 1 consult the failed attempt chart in the fireworks salesman class feature of this class.

  • Thunderclap- No longer originating from you, thunderclap becomes a bomb that can be thrown 20' and can damage you as well.

Bomb Specialist- At first level you can place your fireworks on an inanimate object to deal max damage to the object (must be delayed). Roll regular damage for all who are in the area of effect of the blast.

Fireworks Salesman- In order for another player to use one of these fireworks they must succeed on an int. check equal to 12+ the number of delayed rounds, The welder may add the fireworks specialists int. modifier to this roll.

On a failed attempt roll a d4 to determine the outcome of the spell.

  1. Doesn't work (a dud)

  2. Effect is delayed by one more round.

  3. The DM chooses an unexpected form of prestidigitation in place of the intended.

  4. The firework explodes immediately but deals full delayed damage to the wielder.

Artist of Destruction- At 5th level you can add a minor illusion to any of your magical tinkering objects from your book of fireworks. 

Master Artist- At level 9th level you may add Silent Image to any of your magical tinkering objects from your book of fireworks.

Doomsday Horologist- At 15th level you have, through accident or purpose, learned to create a bomb of mass destruction. You can combine your thunderclap bombs, dealing combined damage and increasing the radius by 10' for each combined bomb. In order to do so you must use a spell slot equal to the number of combined bombs +1. For example, in order to combine 2 bombs you must use a 3rd level spell slot.

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