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Artificer Specialist The Bogun Crafter

Updated: Jan 31

Druidic Artificer

This artificer has learned the druid ability of crafting Boguns which Druids use mostly as little household servants. Rare artificers have discovered these small animated vegetables true potential. These artificers might have learned their craft from another druid or from a treant or perhaps they met a bogun in the woods and studied them. Whatever their introduction may be they are now on the path of studying druidcraft with the dream of eventually crafting an Treant.

Druidic Spells

3rd- Entangle, Goodberry

5th- Barkskin, Locate Animals or Plants

9th- Plant Growth, Speak with Plants

13th- Grasping Vine, Guardian of Nature

17th- Awaken, Wrath of Nature

Bogun Master

Beginning at 3rd level, whenever you finish a long rest you can use an infusion to magically craft a tiny being made of plant and vegetable matter. Your 1st bogun after a long rest doesn’t count toward an infusion. This being, called a Bogun, is your servant and lasts for 1d4 days or until it dies or you choose to dismiss the magic inside it. Each infusion spent crafting a bogun creates 2 boguns. Each Bogun uses the following base Bogun stats and gains one Bogun ability of your choice.

(Str. 3) (Dex. 5) (Con. 4) (Int. 5) (Wis. 6) (Cha. 7)

HP= 2 (2d4 -3) AC= 5, Speed= 10’ Attack= -3 (1 dmg)

Super Bogun- Instead of making 2 boguns use a whole infusion to make just one and double 2 stats including HP, AC, Atk, Dmg or speed. (ex. Bombers deal 2d10)

Bogun Abilities:

Servant- Proficient in cooking and cleaning. Spends their time sweeping or mopping up. Acts as the spell Unseen Servant except visible and doesn’t disappear in an hour. These boguns are often made of lemons and carry around small brooms.

Bomber- Speed increases by 10’ and can self destruct at will, exploding and dealing 1d10 force damage.These boguns are often made of cabbages or coconuts that can be easily thrown.

Performer- The Bogun’s Charisma is doubled and it is proficient in a performance of your choice such as singing and dancing, giving rousing battle speeches and so on. These bogun’s are often made of carrots, turnips or radishes that sport little hats and canes.

Messenger- These boguns gain a fly speed of 40’ and can memorize up to 20 words at a time (they also can carry notes to be delivered).

Fighter- Brandishing sewing needle swords, walnut shell helmets or any other small weapons and armor these brave boguns relish every opportunity for a fight. Their base strength becomes 6 and their attack becomes your spell casting modifier, dealing (1d4)

GMO’s- Beginning at 5th level Super Boguns no longer take an entire infusion to make. All boguns are super boguns. Now spending an entire infusion on a bogun imbues them with one magic power from the following list:

  • Wizard- learns the prestidigitation, thaumaturgy or druidcraft cantrip

  • Mounted- Build a tiny mount for your bogun (a ginger horse, a turmeric tiger etc.) to add +20 speed and +2 health.

  • Combination- Put 2 bogun abilities into one bogun.

  • Leader- Gives all boguns +2 atk, dmg and HP.

  • Elemental- Choose an element before crafting and the bogun does 1d4 extra dmg of that type. The Bomber Bogun instead deals an extra 1d10 with it’s self destruct.

Bonsai Treant- Beginning at 9th level you learn how to craft magical sentient bonsai trees. Crafting a Bonsai Treant takes 3 hours and requires plant growth to be cast. Creating another Bonsai Treant . Each bonsai has its own personality but they all share common personality traits usually attributed to sleepy old gnomes. They are delicate and must remain in soil and properly watered and trimmed. Once per short rest the Bonsai Treant can go into a trance and animate 1 tree for up to a minute. Afterwards the Treant is exhausted.

Treant Crafting- Beginning at 15th level you learn how to animate a tree by crafting a face on it. The tree has the Awakened Tree statistics. Slam +6 with 10’ reach dealing 3d6+4. It takes 1 hour to craft the face through a ritual of carving and sculpting with mud, moss and vegetable matter. Some Druidic Artificers like to embellish the face with crystals or precious stones.

*Oakgnarl the 72nd is an example of a Treant that has had 72 different tree bodies and is reborn every time the famous Druidic Artificer Raji Devotchka crafts him. (Shout out to Liam Osteen who helped invent this class.)

*Tip- Having multiple PC’s actions on your turn can be exhausting for other players. It’s difficult enough waiting for someone’s animal companion but if you have 4-8 boguns that all take separate actions it can be enough to break a game. To cut down on your turns time consider having fewer boguns or have your boguns work together during combat.

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