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The Devotchkapocalypse

Updated: Jan 28

I'm going to attempt to summarize the extensive storyline of this group. Please feel free to send me a message of something that you feel should be included (or excluded) in this blog. It's a lot of information so feel free to jump around. We begin our story in...

The Goblin City of Gorgatha

History of Gorgatha

Gorgatha was originally an Elven city named Allunadel Uathfel which means Moonlake Falls in High Elven. High Elves from Amerelia, outraged by the integration of humans and half-elves into elven society, founded a new settlement on the western shores of the Arch-Fey Archipelago on a holy site where Corellon Larathian once stood and blessed his followers. There they planted a great banyan tree that's roots connected to every tree on earth and there began teaching the ways of Divine Magic. Elves traveled from everywhere to visit the miraculous gardens and learn the old druidic ways of the ancient Elves. With druidic magic the elves were able to produce ten times the amount of any farm on 1/10th the land and Allundel Uathfel soon became the most prosperous port in the world. Of course, everyone else besides the Elven Folk couldn’t pronounce the name so it was shortened and known thereafter as Allufel. After three hundred years of prosperity the elves used their wealth to construct a massive school exclusively for elves, adding Arcane Magic to the curriculum.

Another 500 years of construction later, Allufel caught the eye of the Cave Goblins of the Crimson Coast who after their years of extensive gem mining attempted to buy Allufel from the Elves. At this point the Goblins already had an impressive fleet of Goblin Junks, mountains of gems and a sizable army but were completely dependent on Allufel for the health of their people as nothing grows on the Crimson Coast. Owning Allufel would quickly place them as the world's top superpower which aside from the Goblins nobody in the world wanted. The Elves not only refused but were so insulted during their meeting with the Goblin King that they imposed outrageous sanctions on all Goblin Trade. Thus the Elven & Goblin Wars began costing countless lives on both sides. The Goblins, however, unlike the elves had lives to spare and with the aid of unlimited supply of ships provided by the Dwarves, the war waged on for ten years with little hope of resolving, until one night when everything changed.

The Elves greatest enemy lived just below their city in the cold, unforgiving recesses of the Underdark, biding their time until the right opportunity struck. The Drow, on the night of the new moon, emerged from secret passages all over Allufel and assassinated high ranking government officials key to an Elven victory. Over the next few years the Goblins take territory in Allufel until they have complete control of the two Islands.

For the next ten years there is a stalemate as Goblins settle into their new home and the Elves slowly realize there’s no return to the way things were. Treaties are signed to end the war while preserving as much as possible of the Elven sacred sights. The throne is surrendered to the Goblin King who renames Allufel, The Goblin City of Gorgatha. Over time more and more elves leave and the gardens slowly go to seed. To compensate the Goblins focus their efforts on tinkering and inventions but lack the natural resources needed to satiate their greed. Timber is all but impossible to cut due to the surrounding area falling under the protection of the Fey. Thus the Goblins discovered a new natural resource…


Gorgatha is illuminated by little fairies imprisoned in green bottles strung all throughout the City. There are fairy hunters known as "Spotters" and "Bottlers" that stalk the streets lurking in dark shadows, searching tirelessly for unregistered Fey. The Spotters are dark druids that take the form of cats, rats, ravens and dogs. Their job is to sniff out suspicious fey and alert the Spotters when they find one. The Spotters jangle as they walk, from their many bottles tied to their person. If the spotters don't kill their targets in their attempted capture, they will bring them to Fairy Town to be processed and registered.

However, we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's jump back to the first episode of the first season with it's two main stars:

Chapter 1.

Raji Devotchka & Sora Frosthart

Bumbersnoot & Waits Academy for The Arcane Arts is for the first time allowing other races besides elves to attend the school. Raji Devotchka is the son of Devora Devotchka the infamous underworld crime boss who runs The Fallen Star nightclub. Sora Frosthart's mother was found barefoot in the snow, fending off a pack of wolves with a royal scimitar, a dragonborn baby wrapped up and clutched in her other arm. She was found by the Bearhound King of the North, Asmundr Rune. Asmundr brought them back to his village where Sora's mother promptly died of exposure and transformed back to her original form; a gargantuan, ancient Silver Dragon. Asmundr raised Sora as his own; a princess destined to someday take the throne. Sora didn't find out til many years later that the dragon bones she grew up playing on were those of her mother.

The first year the students were there they aquired mentors, studied magic and even managed to steal one of H.H. Waits' (the owner of the school)'s flying machines and crash it into the sea. Raji's mentor is of some importance and plays a major part in the next chapter...

Chapter 2.

Baba Yaga & The Bonsai

Raji studied in the ways of Druidcraft under a bonsai'd Ent who lived in the Gardens of the school. The exposure of this bonsai drew the interest of various parties including The Witch Baba Yaga (who may or may not eat children). The bonsai was subsequently sent on a train to be auctioned off at a monster auction at a hotel in the heart of Gorgatha. Raji and his new found friends, Jack and Link, fought thier way though the train to save Bonsai while Sora and her new friend Laylan infiltrated the auction disguised as caterers. Sora found her adoptive father Asmundr Rune in a cage and quickly free'd him. After a massive fight they ended up barely escaping just as the entire builiding collapsed. They were, of course, expelled from the school immediatly. It was at this time that the Raji Devotchka gang was formed. This gang consisted of (but not limited to):

Link Hyrule- An elf with a flaming sword.

Laylan Smokingbeard- A dwarven warlock apprenticing under Baba Yaga.

Raji Devothcka- Now a druid artificer specializing in animating vegetables

Sora Frosthart- A paladin who rides on a giant snowy owl.

Jack Arrowhead- Captain of the Electric Butterfly and keeper of AA the storm elemental

*Jules' Elf druid featured in picture who joined the party toward the end

Chapter 3.

Asmundr Rune Vs. The Frost Giants

Using the Eletrcic Butterfly, Jack flew them up North to save Sora's people who had been betrayed by the Midgard Dwarves and been imprisoned inside their ice fortress by the Frost Giants. Along the way they found a shipwreck with a sole survivor chained up before a tank with an octopus inside. The survivor died shortly but they kept the octpus and left it

and one of their crew-mates at a town built on a giant iceberg. They then met and allied themselves with Crumb the Conquerer (a gnome giant killer) and made a plan to take back the throne. Their plan (as always) was to be purposely captured and imprisoned. Here they are forced to fight a frost giant barbarian baby and made to perform for the Frost Giant King. Luckily, they escape, battle the frost giants and use dynamite to blow a hole in the ice fortress to free Sora's people who join the fight, defeating the frost giants and driving them away. Asmundr doens't survive the battle. Laylan calls upon one of the daughters of Baba Yaga and she tells him that in order to revive him they must make a borscht (soup) made with an eye of a dragon and feed it to him. They then journey to Sora's real father's lair which is in a maze of maddening mirrors that bring to life your worst nightmares. After completing the maze and defeating the Hyrdra at the end of it the group found Sora's father and his twin brother and defeated them both, taking the eye and bringing Asmundr back from the dead.

Chapter 4.

War with H.H. Waits.

Many years had passed since Sora Frosthart and her companions resurrected Asmundr Rune and brought peace back to the Frozen North. Tales are still sung to this day of the slaying of the Hydra and the battle of the 2 dragon brothers of Suspiria Mountain . In an attempt to keep their hoard of treasure they had gained, Sora and her companions went to war against Bumbersnoot and Wait’s. The War lasted years and there were many casualties including Petrichora Copperfang and Crumb the Conqueror. The crewmate that they left on the iceberg found them and fought on their side as well. However, the crewmate now had an octopus in place of his head. The same octopus that they left with him on the iceberg. Sora’s father fought alongside them as well and fell in battle against the Dragon of Gorgatha. In the end Waits was killed and Bumbersnoot became the new Dean of the school and signed a treaty with “The Ra Jhi Devotchka Gang”.

Over the years Sora began to grow and grow and take on more attributes of an actual dragon including WIngs and a tail. At the age of 60 Sora stands over 8ft tall and has become a ruthless Viking Conqueror, replacing Crumb as Captain of the Glass Slipper and traveling the icy waters, hunting down every last Frost Giant, riding on her snowy owl alongside her 3 wyrmling dragon pets. However… over the years Sora’s mind and soul began to reflect that of her Frost Dragon heritage and she no longer recognizes friend from Foe. She had even been known to eat her own crew as a punishment for disobedience aboard her ship. Her Golden Dragons abandoned her to live their own lives and haven’t been seen since.

Laylan eventually surpassed her sisters Tasha and Elena in becoming Baba Yaga’s favorite daughter. Laylan was the only one there when Baba Yaga died. On her deathbed, Baba leaned in close and told Laylan how she had lived so long and why she was finally dying. Her flying mortar and pestle vanished upon her death and are believed to be in the possession of Natasha the Dark. Laylan now resides in the Dancing chicken hut and everywhere she goes children go missing. At the age of 60 Laylan hadn't aged a day.

Jack Arrowhead became known as one of the greatest airship captains of all time. He single handedly took out over half of H.H. Waits flying machines, battling in the midst of thunderstorms fighting alongside a giant storm elemental. He now travels around the world much like his father, telling tales of his greatness for free drinks. Double A vanished into the clouds a couple years back and hasn’t been seen since. At the age of 60 people were starting to doubt the validity of Jack’s stories and at the very least looked at him as a washed up has-been.

Link was made a Knight by Asmundr Rune after fighting bravely in the war against Waits. Over the years Link has gone on many quests, accompanied by Slombo The Squire of Slimes, who teleports him from place to place. Laylan gave him an elixir to keep Lyonnais' head fresh and Sora gave him the Tiara of the Frozen Princess so that he could communicate with him. WIth the candle of truth Link was able to interrogate Lyonnaise for plans and information that only Lyonnaise, The Captain of the Guard would know. At the age of 60 Link had a reward out for him for 50,000 gold for robbing Gorgatha of a large percentage of their treasury.

Ra Jhi Devotchka used up his savings to open up the Dancing Bogun Brewery. After the disappearance of his old Druid Mentor Bonsai, Rajhi used Crow Killer’s head to build a sentient motorcycle to help him scour the land in search for him. Oakgnarl the 77th took over the Dancing Bogun Brewery. At the age of 60 Rajhi has not been heard from in years and is assumed to have died in prison

Chapter 5.

Tasha and the Squire of Slimes

The Octopus man, now calling himself "The Squire of Slimes" betrayed the group, stealing magic items from each of them, including Links hoard of stolen treasure and then took over the throne as the new King of Gorgatha. Tasha The Witch Queen who had always plagued the group with her dark trickery was also suspected to be behind the Squire's rise to power.


With the Squire of Slimes and Tasha in power, Gorgatha becomes an occupied city with fairy hunters roaming the streets and capturing all unregistered fey (see fairy chapter above).

They discover the Squire of Slimes plan to use the Planar Portal at the Academy to bring thousands of Octopus's from his home plane and with them take over the world. The party forms a rebellion against the squire and are inevitably caught and imprisoned. Luckily, they are rescued by The Lone Laughter and together they devise one last ditch effort to save the world. Their plan is to launch an attack on the school and blow up the Planar Portal with dynamite. They fail. Thus the party is directly responsible for the origin of The Mind Flayer and in turn... the end of the world.

Chapter 6.

The Apocalypse

200 years pass since the last attack on the school from the Raji Devotchka gang. During the attack Rajhi and Link were captured and imprisoned. Jules was taken into the Necromancy Dungeon by Ichabora Webbs and Jack was taken by the mind flayers. Laylan and Sora disappeared and were never seen or heard from again. Rajhi began teaching bogun construction from his prison cell for a reduced sentence. Link was transferred to the gorgatha dungeons where he spent the remainder of his short life. Two years after the attack the mind flayers set their plan into motion. They replaced the heads of many of the top wizard teachers in the school and started shipping the octopus jars all over the world. They used the planar wheel to bring shipment after shipment of octopus heads to the material plane. They began attaching octopus heads to every creature they could, starting with the drow. Then they moved on to monsters and even gods. Nobody is really sure when or how it happened but one of the mind flayers they created became savage, chaotic and uncontrollable. He grew in size devouring all in his path and laying waste to civilization after civilization. This mind flayer became known by all as Cthullu.

Over the next 100 years Cthullu effectively ended the world as we know it. Cthullu swallows the sun and the world is plunged into eternal darkness. After that Chtullu vanished. The remaining survivors became scavengers of the old world. There are no more dragons and no more fairies. Teiflings, half orcs and drow outnumber dwarves, elves and humans. Gnomes, Halflings and Dragonborn are believed to be extinct. Most surviorors have various levels of insanity from when Cthullu reigned. These people are known as "Cthullu touched". A radical gang of Drow formed that founded their ideals from an old Gorgatha vigilante that was known in his time as the lone laugher. They were the ones who hunted down every last remaining mind flayer and killed them. The Lone Laughers believe that the key to saving the world lies somewhere with the Rajhi Devotchka gang and they now search for lost artifacts to unravel the mystery of how the gang single handedly brought the greatest villains into power and why they failed to stop them.

Timeline of the Apocalypse

Tasha The Dark is crowned Queen of Gorgatha.

Mind Flayers take over Bumbersnoot and Wait’s Academy for The Arcane Arts and seize control of the Planar Wheel Teleporter.

They take over the underdark first and co-rule Gorgatha with Tasha.

They use the airships to disperse octopus jars all over the world.

Mind Flayers begin seizing control of every major city in the world.

Gorgatha grows in power along with Tasha and a League of Super Villains.

Tasha underestimates the Mind Flayers and ends up going to war with them.

The Lone Laugher leads a group of vigilantes to kill the mind flayers in gorgatha.

Gorgatha is one of the last cities not enslaved by mind flayers.

Everywhere the forces of good fight to eradicate the mind flayers killing many of them.

The War against the mind flayers is looking hopeful when…

Mind Flayers create Cthullu in the underdark below Gorgotha.

Insanity spreads throughout the world.

Tasha and her castle float into the sky and watch as Cthullu rises up and destroys Gorgatha.

Cthullu keeps growing and wandering the Earth laying waste to everything.

Tiamat and Bahamut team up to fight cthulhu but when entering the material plane go mad. Bahamut forgets that he’s a dragon and tiamat battles herself to death.

The Gods seal the Material World to imprison Cthullu.

Some Gods leave their plane and decide to permanently reside on the material plane losing a great deal of their power so they remain unnoticed from Cthullu and so they don’t go insane and destroy the earth.

Cthullu eats the sun and dissapears.

There are 100 years of Winter and Darkness without help from the gods.

The Lone Laugher Vigilantes hunt down and kill the majority of the mind flayers left.

Tears in the Material plane are discovered and with it immense power.

Chapter 7.

The New Gods

When Cthullu drove the dragon gods Tiamat and Bahamut insane the rest of the gods decided they must seal off the Material Plane from all other planes to imprison Cthullu there and prevent him from destroying the Multiverse. A council of the planes is formed and a decision is made to send one person from each plane to the Material plane before they close it off. However, since they can't afford a repeat of Tiamat and Bahamut they only give the chosen god a portion of thier power. The rest of the power is hidden away on their home plane. They are given a magical key that opens up rips or tears in the fabric of the Universe and leads back to thier home. If the gods hold on to their sanity then they could potentially go collect the rest of their power and then return to the material plane and save it. As far as anyone knows this wasn't accomplished by any of them. The first person to find and use one of these keys was known as Ra.

Upon Ra's return back to the Material plane he forges a new sun and the world experiences their first sunrise in 200 years. Ra and his followers scour the desert for more keys and find many of them, thus creating the Desert Pantheon.

Years later another sun emerges on the horizon, this time from the West. This sun is belonging to a new group of gods consisting mainly of a family of imbred elves. This pantheon, known as the Western Pantheon is led by a mighty warrior named Zues. Recently the Western Pantheon has come east looking for the few last remaining keys. Knowing where a tear is they command an inventor known as Daedulus to create a labyrinthe around the tear in order to alert them when a key bearer approches it.

20 days ago a smaller sun appeared in the night sky, this time from the North. This new sun belonging to a god named Odin. Odin's sun Loki, recently captured Hephaestus, the master forger of the western pantheon, in hopes that he will fix the Planar Portal from the old academy in Gorgatha.

The Desert Moon Pantheon

The story of the Desert Moon Pantheon begins with the Gransdson of Raji Devotchka, a mad (cthullu touched) scavenger, wandering through the desert where he discovers a girl in a cage with Vultures circling overhead. Meanwhile, a young elf by the name of Evendur, was traveling through the desert aboard a caravan with an old, bearded gnome in royal, tattered clothing. At the same time a Cthullu touched band of bandits was attacking a medical camp. Our heroes converged there, scaring away the bandits and forming a new adventuring party consisting of:

Miraak- a drowse blood hunter whose preferred method of murder is a shovel to the head

Evendur- apprenticing as a Wizard under Aloysius Loststroodles (the gnome)

Warren Timbers- A feral gnome druid who has an affinity with goats.

Alvin- A gnome who wears A plague doctor mask and a top hat with a raven on his shoulder

Alex Featherglopper- An Arakokra blue jay person who has an affinity for tea.

Shayla- An air genasi who wields a double bladed palm axe

Zemina- (the girl in the cage) a rogue who wields a blade made of shadows.

Arno- A water Genasi who's mother (a powerful Madrid) gave him a magical key.

Arno's Mother "Lady Malady"

The group used Arno's key to go through a tear into the Plane of Carceri (the prison plane) where they gained the power of a god and accidentally free'd Tasha from her cell. Tasha was sentenced there as a punishment for her part in the end of the world. Now free, she wants nothing more than to escape the material plane which she thinks of as just another prison.

Chapter 8.

Hel on Earth

While the battle of divine supremecy rages on the land, sea and sky, a secret alliance is forged in the Underworld. This dark alliance consists of...

Hades- God of the Underworld, brother of Zeus and Poseidon

Anubis- Former ruler of the Underworld before Osiris and god of mummifaication.

Arawn-"The Horned King" surrounded by his hell hounds; god of the hunt, ruler of Avalon.

Nyx- "the goddess of night" she is the wife of Arawn, the mother to many.

The Morrigan- raven, goddess of death and war, right had of Arawn.

Charon- the boatman of the River Styx

Hel- The daughter of Loki and brother to Fenrir the wolf and Jormungandr the serpent.

Hel is tasked with leading a new group of Underworld Gods. Their mission: Find the remaining keys and use them to gain power and...Destroy the other gods by any means necessary. This group has been come to be known by the surface dwellers as...

The Unholy Undertakers

Evendur- God of the Arcane and Time

Warren Timbers- God of Goats

Corintha- God of Stealth

Meerak- God of Shadows and Blood

Alvin- God of Death and Secrets

Seabo- God of vengeance?

Medusa- mummified and missing her head.

Baron Samedi- Voodoo Priest

Maman Brigitte- Voodoo Priestess

Charon- Their taxi

& The Angels of Death...

The Angels of Death

Nyx the goddess of night, daughter of Chaos and Darkness and Mother of Death and Dreams, had 2 secret children that were not born of the western pantheon. These children were born as angels of the underworld and spent their youth free to roam the dark realm of Hades by day and explore the skies with their mother at night. As they got older they split off and began exploring the surface world during the day. They had always been told their father was the moon, however, they were actually born of different fathers.

The eldest was born of Nuitari who was one of the ancient gods of Evil Magic who had lost his mind to cthulhu and has since built a dark tower in the west named The Tower of The Blood Moon. This tower is filled with cthulhu touched wizards who have gathered every bit of arcane knowledge in the west and study it tirelessly searching for a way to open up the planes. It was at this tower that Nyx visited him in the night resulting in the child of chaotic dark magic, Zovinia. When Zovinia was older she went looking for the tower. Her journey brought her to the Lone Laughers who claimed to know the location of the tower. Unfortunately, they lied and used Zovinia to find the last Mind Flayer left on the material plane. This mind flayer had been impossible to kill as he had learned to move from host to host possessing their bodies. They gifted her a crown before sending her off to meet the mind flayer, a crown that would secretly trap the mind flayer's mind inside her own. Their plan worked, fusing their minds together and afterward Zovinia was stabbed to death by the Lone Laughers so as to stop the Mind Flayers once and for all. "Trust no one". During her short trip back to the Underworld Zovinia and the Mind Flayer battled for supremacy over her mind for what seemed like a lifetime. She came out the other side victorious and with new psychic powers, holding the Mind Flayer captive in her mind to communicate with it at her will.

The middle Angel was born of Anansi the spider god of stories and had been visited by spiders his whole life that whispered secrets to him. Anansi would leave messages written by spiders in their webs and sometimes gifts. He knew Anansi to be his real father and always seemed to know more than his sister about the world and would regale her with stories of the old world, the new world and the world to come. The last gift Anansi left in a web was an amulet in the shape of a spider. After that the stories stopped coming, along with the spiders, messages and gifts. The boy then went out searching for his father to unravel the rest of the story. His travels led him to a mad witch who put a curse on him for telling her tall tales of talking spiders. The curse was indeed a prophecy that his stories would one day come to be real and the horrors would come to life to haunt him. One day while telling the story of meeting the mad witch to a group of boys, the witch magically appeared, gobbling the children up in front of his eyes. Now he dare not tell anyone about the witch in fear that he will summon her again.. However, as the heir to the god of stories, will he be able to keep her a secret?

Nyx then visited the misty island of Avalon in the midst of what was once the Fey Isles. Here she met another so-called "god of the underworld", Arawn; a knight in shining armor with an antlered helm, smouldering cloak and riding a pale horse. Arawn being a powerful magician built his own underworld paradise in a giant cauldron beneath the sea. Here he married Nyx and together they raised the youngest of the dark angels. She was trained as a knight to be the keeper and protector of the kingdom and she quickly became the most skilled swordsman in the underworld. Recently, to her fathers dismay, she discovered that Nyx had been continuing to visit her old lover's Nuitari and Anansi on her nightly travels. The youngest angel in a fiery rage went on a quest to avenge her father's honor. She found Anansi and Nuitari and murdered them both. This enraged Nyx and she was banished from the kingdom until she completed a quest that she would most likely not survive. This quest was to join her sisters in working for Hades and Anubis to rid the world of all gods. She rides a white horse that can run on water named Enbarr.

The Unholy Undertakers use a sythe wielded by Zovinia called "The God Reaper" to destroy gods and steal their power. The first god they tried this on was thier own teammate Zemina. The next to perish was Warren Timbers. Then Arno, who had at that time allied themselves with the Western Pantheon.

Chapter 9.

The tear in The Maze

The Unholy Undertakers next undertaking was the maze. They made it through many trials including batttling a Chimera, a Drider named Ariadne and befreinding the Satyr God, Pan. Even though they didn't have the key to the tear in the center, they found one anyway on a barbarian travelling through the maze by the name of Heracles. They found him battling a Manticore and watched, debating if they should help, as he was tossed around the room. They finally did step in, killing the manticore and putting him to sleep with an incredibly boring story, stealing his key and making their way to the center.

When they reached the center Athena was there waiting for them with Perseus. Suddenly purple smoke started seeping from beneath Meraak's armor. It was coming from a tattoo that Meraak had of Tasha the Dark's symbol. Suddenly Tasha appeared and a fight broke loose. The Unholy Undertakers found the tear and quickly went through it leaving behind Tasha, Athena, Medusa and Perseus. Where they found themselves...?


The home of the gnomes, Bitopia is a plane with two flat worlds faicing eachother like a mirror in the sky. Here they met Baervan Wildwanderer the gnome god of the forest and his best friend; a talking giant raccoon by the name of Chikitikka Fastpaws. He informed them that Fierna the princess of Hell had taken over Garl Glittergold's Manor and was awaiting thier arrival, keeping guard over Garl Glittergold's divine power that they had the key to.

The last we left the group they were standing in front of Fierna, poised for attack. Could this be the end of the Unholy Undertakers and the death of the last bit of hope for saving the world?

Fierna offers you a contract to be signed in blood. You can find this under the Standard Devil Contract blog. For all those who signed she releases Garl Glittergolds divine power and you level up. For those who do not wish to sign she will simply leave you on the paradise plane of Bitopia.

To the suprise of the DM everyone signed. Now they accompany Fierna to the Material plane where they find the laybyrinthe in ruins with all of it's inhabitants dead and in it's place a giant marble staircase 300' high. At the top; a circular Parthenon looking throne inhabited by a diverse yet all robed and bejeweled, family of Elves. It became clear to the party instantly that Fierna was not impressed by this so called "pantheon" of backwater, imbred hedonists. On the council sat:

Zeus- Powerful yet corrupt, slovingly regal with cold, piercing blue, emotionless eyes.

Hera- Zeus's beautiful wife. Looks sad.

Artemis- Greeted them with blood and fire behind her eyes. A druid hunter.

Aphrodite- Scantily clad and flirtatious

Apollo- watched in silence

Dionysis- clearly drunk.

The council met to barter a peace treaty with the party using Athena's dead corpse as a centerpiece to garner sympnathy and respect. Fierna gave neither and told them they had 3 days to surrender to her as their new Queen.

"K' bye"

As they walked past the ruins of the labyrinthe and into a tranquil open valley surrounded by tree's from behind them, hills on either side and Mountains in front of them, a lone warrior sharpens his sword. They recognize this man as Ares the god of war and Zovinia scouts above spotting his hidden army of 1000's of elite soldiers waiting in silence for the right moment to ambush.. They notice Apollo and Artemis close in behbehind them and prepare for battle. Fierna, Ekkon, and Corintha take on Ares leaving Apollo and Artemis for the rest. During the fight Apollo is revealed to be Loki in disguise...

After an epic battle, Artemis was defeated and the team gathered around her to siphon her god power with the God Reaper Sythe. Howerver, as they tore into her a murder of ravens swarmed around her, absorbing the god power and returning to Odin who now appeared before them. Before another battle could take place Fierna unleashed a fiery blast with a mile high mushroom cloud, covering the battlefeild in smoke and ash. When it cleared Odin and Loki had disappeared.

Fierna tells the group that their job is to find the last key that will open a tear to The Abyss. In the meantime Ekkon, Corintha and herself are going to the underworld to inform them they are under new managment. The first place they go is back to the forest of the boguns and of Laylan the witch in hopes they may have a clue to Rajhi's whereabouts. In place of the forest they find sand and death. Osiris came and wiped out the boguns, save 3 of them, and killed Baba Yaga's hut, forcing Laylan to retreat into the underdark with crup and the other myconids.

Enlisting the last of the boguns they find thier way into the underdark and begin thier search for Lolth, believing her to have the last planar key. They have found their way to a gothic underdark city filled with roaming gangs of cthullu touched. They also find a clock store filled with worshippers of Avendur. They now make thier way to Necrozarovich "The Nightmare" who runs the city from his manor. Nevrozarovich is a vampire who rules the city because he is the owner of the Rainy Umbrella, a magical umbrella that most Cthullu touched in the city beleive to be the main cause of Cthullu's rise from directly beneath thier city.

Chapter 10.

Descent into Madness

"Castle Ravenous"

As they approach the monsterous castle a cloaked figure with a jack-o-lantern head is hammering a fresh head on a stake just off the path. The mysterious figure mounts his horse and rides away toward the castle, the party follows, passing countless heads on stakes on thier way. Upon thier arrival the doors open illuminating a welcoming warm glow inside. As the party explores the interior they quickly realize this castle is not what it seems. Every bookcase, every bed, every closet or contraption is in reality one of many mouths, belonging to the castle, trying to consume them. To make matters worse the manor seems to be filled with ghosts. The majority of whom they find in an indoor theater as they watch Necrozarovich "The Nightmare" dance on the stage, walls and ceiling.

Necrozarovich invites them to dinner and clearly has his eyes on Zovi as his new bride. His last bride (they might assume) they found in the bathtub, while exploring the house, with a stake through her heart. Nevertheless, her companions allow Necrozarovich (clearly a vampire) to take Zovi up to his chambers. There she consents to him biting her neck and turning her into a vampire.

Meanwhile Seabo Cloaktimber while waltzing with a lonely ghost girl is possessed by the ghost of her sleasy boyfriend who, after no time, makes a plan to escape with his side girlfriends on horseback. This plan is thwarted by Evendur, Meerak and Alvin gang beating the ghost out of him near the stables.

Zovi falls into darkness, she awakes in a state between death and dreams inside the castle. She can hear the heartbeat of the castle and see it's viens inside its walls. Her vision is black and white except for the red blood that is pooling on the castle floors. The blood is rising and more and more bats begin circling over her head. Before she is consumed completely a section of the castle is ripped away and floating there in the starry darkness is her mother, Nyx. Nyx offers her the option to be resurected in the underworld, free from her Vampiric Curse. She also informs her that Fierna has taken over the underworld and Hades has fled with his new love (stolen from the western pantheon) Persephone.

Zovi awakens again, this time in her grave after being buried by Necrozarovich outside the castle. She claws her way free of the soil and Necrozarovich guides her to the bath where she can recover. While there (stake behind his back) he asks her to marry him...

She accepts! They feast on a woman who has been dragged in kicking and screaming and Necrozarrovich tells them to go to the Vilvaren (butterfly) Citadel. There they will find a secret staircase leading them miles downward intot he lair of Lolth.

The Butterfly Citadel was an old fortress, turned museum, carved out of the inside of giant stalagmites and stalactites in a gargantuan cave under the city. Now the museum has been converted into an old west set for a beholder with split personality who runs the town as both sheriff and outlaw (and occasionally a little schoolgirl).

The rest of the town are his prisoners, forced to play the parts that together form a fully functioning old west town. Seabo takes the part (and clothes) of a saloon girl. The cowboys are drow who herd giant ants painted like cattle and the mayor is none other than Marbles Bubersnoot!

With some help from the 6 jars of lemmon juice that they pilfered from Necrozarovich's kitchen they defeat the beholder and set the town free! Marbles gifts them with some magic items and shows them the path to Lolth's lair...


Upon venturig further down intodescending stairs of madness Cthullu's green residue of madness becomes physically visible in the air. Cobwebs seem to vibrate as they pass and a cacophony of whispers echoes around them. They finally find a Drow priestess of Lolth who is beaten and bloodied and barely alive. She tells them her name is Ashunaree and that Lolth no longer recognizes friend from foe. She tells them Lolth is forever in spider form and has lost her mind completely and gives them all antidotes to Lolth's Venom. Ashunaree or "Ash" goes with them.


They are led to the lair of a gargantuan spider that they assume is Lolth. Upon taking thier antidotes they realize that they have been poisoned and Ash is working against them. Nonetheless they defeat the spider after an epic fight but before ending it's life Ash reveals herself to be the real Lolth and bargains with them for the spider's life. She tells them that she will help them retreive her divine powers in the Abyss and that Meerak is in fact the key to the tear. She reveals that Devora Devotchka hid the key in Miraak's blood gifting him with occult blood magic but only she can perform the ritual without killing him.

The Return of Rajhi Devotchka

The ghost of Damien Darkhov who lives in Castle Ravenous informs Zovi that he is in contact with Rajhi Devotchka through a charm he gave him 300 years ago that has a ghost inside it named "Elenor Delabra". He tells them Rajhi will meet up with him at the Lone Laughers headquarters -the crash site of the electric butterfly (jack hazel's old ship).

When they arrive Rajhi is there sitting next to a pool that Double A has made for him along with his rag tag motorcycle gang. There are bogun servants who are making lemonade and passing it around. Very shortly they realize this is not the Rajhi that they have heard stories about. The years have been perhaps too kind to Rajhi and he has turned into a sun baked hippy gambler who has little care for the involvement in the fate of the world. He wears a bright green poncho and has flashbacks of days before his time as a pacifist. His crew consists of:

Chasmyr T'sarran -born a drow noble but now he doesn't even own a shirt. Chasmyr is rajhi's only living student. Considers himself an excellent host.

Murdoc Lingenhall - a 250 year old gnome, Murdoc built automatons at bumbersnoot and waitts academy and was in the same class as rajhi.

Bogsley The Blighted- A St. Bernard, Bogsley tells everybody he's related to the legendary Asmundr rune. Maybe that's true? Bogsley mentored Miraak as a rogue in his youth.

Lesley Ybrar- Lesley is a talented Duergar ehonplays the lute. He always talks about his old band, The Fearless Flying Froghemoth Brigade.

His lute is made from the remains of a Wide-mouthed Bass he caught in an underdark river.

Narmondur Moriplin- A self absorbed drow wizard tells everyone he's a much better at magic than he actually is. Evryone calls him "Mondu" for short.

Mune Jagra - Mune lost her legs during the 200 years of darkness. Rajhi made her a prosthetic replacement using a tree limb. She is now half trifling half tree. Mune doesn't believe in gods, celestials or infernals.

Rajhi and his crew agree to help them. Fierna has told them that the last tear lies in the underwater kingdom of Umberlee. In order to reach it Rajhi grows a massive Cucumber that they hollow out and reinforce with wood and steel and create "The Sea Cucumber"- a submarine, manned by glowing boguns and complete with an onion observation pod called the "Cry Baby" and pumpkin depth charges.

The Last Tear

Upon navigating their way through the underwater temple they find the last tear and go through it with Lolth, Fierna and Tasha. Fierna Guards the entrance to the Tear while Tasha goes to find Graz'zt in the Abyss. The group is accompanied by Lolth to a dilapadated inn but when the inn is lit it comes to life with beautfiul drow women who seem very interested in the party. However, over time they realize that these women are in fact undead. They must choose the right woman and she will show them the location of Lolth's God Power. They do and then return back through the tear with Lolth and Tasha and Graz'zt who Tasha is dragging behind her in chains.

Tasha then sends them to attack Ra while she and Graz'zt make a suprise attack at Osiris's funeral in hopes to elimintate the Western Pantheon in fell swoop. The party is able to kill Ra but when Horus (the avenger) shows up they are one by one defeated. Horus kills the Pantheon on the Deserrt Moon and slays the serpent god Apothis. All except Mirrak who buries himself in sand and Zovinia who slowly recovers in the stomach of Apothis.

20 years pass before...

The Army of The Second Seven

Legend of the Desert Moon Pantheon differs from religion to religion.  What is commonly agreed on is they were mortals who were gifted divinity by the Desert Pantheon and then betrayed them to join a new pantheon of Underworld gods now known as the Underworld Pantheon.  Soon after that with the help of their new partnership with Lolth they yet again betrayed their allies by summoning a powerful Arch Devil of the 9 Hells and freeing Tasha from Carceri who in turn summoned the Demon Lord Graz'zt (GooRausht) to fight at her side.  With a magical scythe known as the God Reaper they went around killing gods and stealing their power and are considered responsible for the death of Athena, Ares, Artemis, Osiris and Ra.  Horus the son of Osiris and Isis swore revenge for his father and catching them right after their battle with Ra and the God Serpent Apothis, Horus slew the Desert Moon Pantheon in the very same desert from whence they were forged.  At the same time Tasha and GooRausht ambushed the remaining members of the Desert Pantheon at Osiris’s funeral ceremony killing all but Isis and Nepthys who are now exiled to Avalon along with Dionysus and aphrodite.  

Thus the Desert Moon Pantheon is directly responsible for the fall of the Desert Pantheon and the rise of the Tasha’s Age of Tyranny.  The only thing standing in her way is Garl Glittergold and Bahamut who are raising an army to stop her.  Them and The Northern Pantheon who grows in power everyday and doesn’t seem willing to make deals with The Forces of good or Evil.  

Barhamut and Garl Glittergold send out a call to all Paladins and forces of good in the world and ask them to discreetly find thier way through the dragon isles to the island home of Maliki Moui. There they will be subject to dragonborn tests in order to pass. You must pass all 3 tests in order to join the army of the 2nd 7.

This is who anwers:

Dyakris Goldeneid- Dragonborn with full plate armor and Bahamut’s Chain of Command (7 yellow canaries fly around him and he can use command once per day thaumaturgy at will). 

Bodrow Copperclaw- Bought his guitar Avangeline from an old hag. Plays Metal.

Karakatos- A crow monk who comes from the suicidal Cult of the Butterfly.

Plynn O’Haira Feather Glopper of the Oolong Mountain Monastery of the Kettlesteam Mountains- He's a rabbit...

Seven Pinskip- Halfling working for Loki

They pass all 3 tests and drink an elixer that expels the madness of Cthullu from them. Then they are told to join one of the 7 leaders to work under:

1-Garl Glittergold- Attempting to cure Bahamut and lead the army.

2- Horus and the aarakocra- Leader of the Winged Avengers. .

3-Maliki Moui- Dragonborn Tiki god of volcanoes- who was a demigod before the apocalypse- Defending the Fort.

4- Talizar The Knight of Roads- has a small dog that can increase in size that he rides- Talizar’s job is to lead a suicide all on assault with his 

5- Marbles Bumbersnoots Drow cowboys - Treasurer and collector of magic items. He can get you just about anything you want. Black Cactus Cassidy is going around looting the world

6- The Lone Laugher- Trying to go back in time.  They have Mina. They need to find the planar wheel and activate it.

7- Rajhi Devotchka- Find Hades and Posieden and make them allies

The Path of The Lone Laugher

There are 12 lone laughers and a 13th in training. He trains with the new group for 13 months before they embark on a journey to find the planar wheel teleporter.

Their plan is to use explosives to blow a channel through a strip of mountian in order to sneak behind the floating Iceberg they believe holds the planar wheel.

On the way there they encounter a ship of Dwarves who worhip Thor whom they battle and win taking the dwarven ship and sinking theres. They pass another dwarven ship in the night and sing drunken songs about ragnarok to disguise their true identity. Finally they reach thier mountian destination.

The Lone Laughers give the party the explosives and send them down into a flooded mine to plant the explosives. They venture down into the mine and past a dire polar bear and her cubs and into the dark depths wearing thier sea diving suits. They have a brief tussle with a winter hag before finally coming out into the tunnel where they are supposed to plant the explosives only to find themselves looking at the Planar Wheel Teleporter itself! When they tell The Lone Laughers with thier sending stones they hear a clash of swords on the other end of the line before it cuts out. Suddenly instead of the Lone Laugher himself showing up it's number 13 and Mina. Together they all rush the planar wheel and Mina activates it while they throw explosives around them. The 13th Lone Laugher summons a chest and pulls a baby out. A baby, a black staff and a shovel that he puts on his back after tossing his hat and cape. The 13th lone laugher is none other than Miraak Devotchka.

The Plane of Time

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