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New Rules

New Rules for D&D

  • The Good

If you give away a magic item to someone (who wants it) something good will happen to you.

If you make an NPC (Non Player Character) friend something good will happen to you.

If you come up with a thoughtful plan something good will happen to you.

If you save a teammate or NPC something good will happen to you.

  • The Bad

If you split off away from the group by yourself something bad will happen to you.

If you harm each other (even a slap) something bad will happen to you.

If you purposely sabotage or betray the group something bad will happen to you.

If you ask to skip forward in the story something bad will happen to you.

If you say Avendur with anything more than a whisper something bad will happen to you.

  • & The Ugly

If you drop to 0 HP you will have a semi permanent or permanent scar (mental or physical)

I will randomly roll for these unless one fits perfectly.

Physical Injuries (healing spells cure 1 hour of effect per HP gained)

  1. Foot injury- speed halved (1d4 days)

  2. Broken Fingers (1d6: 6 is the whole hand)- dis adv. on attack with off hand

  3. Knee Injury- speed drops to 0

  4. Fracture (body die)- Permanent extra 5 damage if hit there.

  5. Poop your pants

  6. Eye injury (1d6 days: on a 5-6 you lose the eye)

  7. Broken Arm 1d6 weeks (disadvantage on attacks)

  8. Facial scar

  9. Lost tooth

  10. Deafened (1d6 hours: 6 is permanent)

  11. Jaw injury (mute 1d4 days)

  12. Severed Finger (1d6: 5 is thumb, 6 is whole hand) -1 atk per finger permanent

  13. Abdominal injury (1d6 days)- disadvantage on all physical checks and -10 speed

  14. Infected wound (body die: poisoned for 1d6 days: amputation or death on the last day.

  15. Bleeding wound (1d4 damage per round)

  16. Deep gash (1d6 hours)- disadv. + scar

  17. *Internal Bleeding (1d6 rounds)

  18. Spinal Injury (1d12 days paralyzed: permanent on an 12)

  19. Coma (1d8 days: 8 is permanent)

  20. Head injury - take a mental affliction

D12 Body die

  1. Head

  2. Neck

  3. Torso

  4. Stomach

  5. Left Arm

  6. Left Hand

  7. Right Arm

  8. Right Hand

  9. Left Leg

  10. Left Foot

  11. Right Leg

  12. Right foot.

Mental Injuries

  1. Exhaustion (1d4 levels)

  2. Frightened

  3. Paralyzed

  4. Frozen Facial Muscles (1d4 rounds 1. Smile 2. Jaw shut 3. Eyes open 4. Eyes shut)

  5. Whitened Hair

  6. Trembling (1d6 rounds) disadv. On dex checks

  7. Horrified- run away for 1d4 rounds

  8. Waking nightmare (fighting and screaming 1d4 rounds)

  9. Nightmares (1d6 days: 6 is permanent)

  10. Hearing Voices (1d6 days: 6 is permanent)

  11. Migraines (1d6 days) disadvantage on mental checks

  12. Faint (1d4 times)

  13. Poop your pants

  14. Memory Loss (1d20 days) wis save <10=years <15=weeks

  15. Seeing things (1d6 days: 6 is permanent)

  16. Eyes change color 1. Red 2. Yellow 3. Blue 4.Green 5. Purple 6. Black (white if your color is rolled)

  17. Covetous (1d8 days) a person or object that you can see; you want for yourself.

  18. Magic Loss (1d4 spell slots)

  19. Alignment change (flip coin) can be healed naturally over time.

  20. Loss of faith- Lose a level (1d8 days: 8 is permanent)

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