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Rogue Archetype: The Incompetant Dandy

Degrading Slap

At 3rd level you may attack a target with an unarmed melee attack or an improvised weapon (such as a glove or a riding crop) as a bonus action. When you do you forgo the usual damage (if any) to cause disadvantage on your target

  • Improvised Tosser- whether it be olives, coppers, snowballs, or the rest of your drink, you have discovered the power of humiliating your opponent through harmless, pester-some projectiles. Count these as improvised weapons for degrading slap as well. 

Deathly Annoying

At 3rd level you have learned to use your obnoxious disposition to your advantage and wear down your opponent through endless banter.  When you take the dodge action and an opponent misses you with an attack you can inflict your sneak attack damage as psychic  damage.


At 9th level you are able to cause ongoing trauma to a target through mockery. After a target fails a skill check you may immediately have them make  a wis save against your performance or intimidation, as long as they can hear you,  to cause them disadvantage using that skill for a number of days equal to your charisma modifier. 

Master Interrupter

At 13th level you have learned to successfully counter spells with verbal components by yelling the wrong words as a reaction while someone is trying to cast a spell.  They must make a concentration check against your performance or intimidation otherwise the spell is not cast. This does not use up a spell slot but does use up the time it took to cast it. 

Utterly Exhuasting

At 17th level you have learned to verbally batter your opponent to the point of exhaustion.  As a full round action you can  make your opponent  make a will save against your performance or intimidation check or suffer one level of exhaustion.  The exhaustion continues with a successful concentration check on each round.  If you do this on the next round the target gains  a new level of exhaustion. The target can attempt another save at the end of each of their turns.

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