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Sorcerous Origin Mephistopheles’ Mothers

Updated: May 2

In Mephistopheles’ studies and experimentation he attempted to create an infernal cold bloodline that would infest the material plane with a bitter cold and plunge it into another ice age.  This bloodline came from mixing the blood of Ice Devils, Frost Giants and White Dragons and transfusing it into mortal women who had been caught in the frozen 8th layer of the 9 hells Cania.  Mephisopheles then sent out his dark harem to seduce men of all races and cultures.  

1st Level


You can change any spell or racial feature that would normally deal fire damage to deal cold damage instead.

Additionally you know the spell Armor of Agathy's and may cast it once per short rest without expending a spell slot.


Heart of Ice

You have resistance to cold damage and whenever you cast a spell that deals cold damage you can deal cold damage equal to your sorcerer level to anyone within 5ft of you. 


Call of Cania

When you cast banishment you banish them to Cania, the frozen layer of the 9 hells. They take 1d8 cold damage when they return or half as much on a successful con save for each round they were gone.  Add Banishment to your list of known spells if you don’t know it already.  


Icy Prison

You learn the spell Imprisonment but instead of the options in the spell they are frozen in ice right where they were for all to see.

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