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Warlock Patron Bumbersnoot & Waits

Herman Hughes Wait’s became known for his inventions at a young age and became one of the wealthiest men in the realm by his late 20’s.  He earned his fortune and fame by selling magic items and weapons to the military.  Although he mostly supplied magical items such as sending stones and caps of water breathing he was most notably known for his magical constructs and flying machines. Later in life he went into business with the gnome chocolatier Marbles Bumbersnoot and together they purchased an elven school in the Goblin City of Gorgotha. After crashing in one of his flying machines he locked himself away in his manor, pouring over ancient documents and growing more and more mad.

In hopes of having eyes and ears around the world as well as achieving his life goal of immortality, Waits began inventing a new kind of magical constructs.  This construct was sentient and bonded to Waits and in them he infused great magic, storing spells and libraries of knowledge inside them.  Nobody knows for sure how many Warforged he has made or if one or all of them carry in them his soul.

Pact Magic: Expanded Spells

1st:  Detect Magic, Identify

2nd:  Arcane Lock, Pyrotechnics 

3rd:  Glyph of Warding, Tiny Servant

4th:  Fabricate, Leomund’s Secret Chest

5th:  Animate Objects, Creation

Gifts From The Creator

Starting at 1st level your patron bestows upon you an infusion from the artificer’s 2nd level infusions list.  You may choose another artificer infusion at 6th level from the 6th level artificer list and another at 10th and 14th from the respective Artificer infusion lists.  

*Warforged- these infusions are infused to your body and cannot be dropped or stolen.  e.g. Alchemist Jug is inside you and the various liquids it produces come out of your mouth.  

Pact of the Toy Chest

Your patron gives you a small red chest with the word Bumbersnoot in fancy gold lettering painted on it.  This chest acts as the spell Leomund’s Secret chest combined with the magic item The Robe of Useful things.  When opening the chest you think about the item you want and when you open it the item is there in the form of a small toy that when activated becomes the item.  The Chest restocks itself with 1d4 items randomly (or at DM’s discretion) per level.

*Warforged- Tin Man’s Heart:  The toy chest may be infused inside the chest of a Warforged and activated at will instead of touching it.

Invocation: HHW Contract 

Prerequisite- Pact of the Toy Chest

You may pay the standard price of any non-magical adventuring gear.  You place the gold inside the chest with a written note of what you want and 1d10 minutes later the object appears inside the chest (must be able to fit inside the chest).

Invocation: Marble’s Marvelous Chocolates

Prerequisite- Pact of the Toy Chest

The next time you summon the chest, waiting inside is a neatly wrapped magical chocolate from Marbles Bumbersnoot.  Roll 1d4 to determine what kind of chocolate it is.  To use this feature again you must finish a long rest. Magic of chocolate disappears after 24 hours.

  1. Enlarge/Reduce

  2. Invisibility

  3. Levitate (self)

  4. Cure Wounds

*Optional HH Waits Variant:

Santa Clause

There is a legend of a man from the north that travels around in a sleigh pulled by 8 flying reindeer, delivering gifts to those who deserve it.  He lives in the coldest place on earth surrounded by gnomish tinkers who make the wondrous gifts he bestows on the world. He leaves his home only once a year to deliver gifts but has spies around the world who do his bidding and keep an eye on who’s been bad or good throughout the year.  He prefers to recruit elves for their long life spans and keen perception.  You must be lawful good for Santa to accept you as your patron.

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