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The Doomsday Comet

Updated: Jan 28

This Quest started off in the Dragon Isles which is on the southern most (explored) part of the world. This is the same world of the Goblin City of Gorgatha and Bumbersnoot and Wait's Academy for the Arcane Arts which are located in the Northern Central part of the world.

The Dragon Isles are currently under colinization from the rest of the world who wish to plunder their hordes of dragon gold that can be found in ancient Dragonborn temples hidden throughout the many islands.

Flag Key: Orange- Starveld Kingdom (Half Elves & Humans)

Yellow- Amerelia (High Elves)

Green- Emereld Isles (Gnomes & Halflings)

Purple- Gorgatha (Goblins & a mix of everyone)

Blue- The Rellium Empire (Dwarves, Humans)

White- (Midgard Dwarves)

Red- Crimson Coast- (Tieflings, Half Orcs, Gnolls)

The Quest Thus Far:

The Group started off as Pirates aboard the Drow Captian Yellowjacket's ship:

"The Hornet's Nest"

The First thing they did was visit the Dragonborn King Roshomon inside of the active Volcano where they worship the God Maliki Moui. There a Dragonborn artificer by the name of Coorin Cursedclaw gifted them with cursed, magical items:

The Killer Kiwi- still wielded by Talizar the Half Orc Paladin

The Ring of the Sleeping Star- Still worn by Monomo Crimson

Smerdyakov the Skull- Still conversing with Monomo at everyone's peril.

The God Coconut- Seemingly indestructible but lost to their dwarven captors.

The Fist of Maliki Moui- Lost to the dwarves.

The Obsidian Scimitar- flaming sword lost to the dwarves

The Copper Dragon Chalice- lost to the dwarves

The Greedy Dwarf- A golden Dwarf Idol that is now carried by Orville Wrong

A Fire Flume- Given to Alnor the Dragonborn

The Dragon Bracers- Given to back to Roshomon by Rin Zenril

After they were captured by the Rellium Empire they were sold as slaves to the Gladiator Arena on the Crimson Coast. Their transporter- a dwarven cleric of the Raven Queen named Trobone decided to help them escape from the fighting pits by fighting with them to earn their freedom. Once they were free Randar and Velron opened up a store called...

Trinkets and Stuff!

Everyone soon jumped on board with the idea and for a month they lived happily at Monomo's Regal Manor making good money from their popular cart at the merchant market. They then decided to throw a party at Monomo's Manor inviting the wealthy families in the area including the visiting King George Lucas (that name was an unfortunate accident as I forgot his last name was Lucas and when asked what his first name was I responded with George). The party attendees included:

  1. King Lucas and his Vampire Escort

  2. Carmilla Beloquila (head of the other richest noble family in the area)

  3. The Crimson Family

  4. Monomo's Pirate Friends (that's you all)

  5. Pa Kettle and the Tea Leaves (a band with a taste for voodoo)

  6. The Bone Hand (Oni with a skeletal hand that runs the Gladiator Arena)

  7. Captain Yellowjacket (not invited)

Pa Kettle transported everyone to the plane of shadow where the manor transformed into a haunted mansion with animated suits of armor, dead ents, scarecrows and an endless hoard of zombies. All of this happened on top of avoiding the lurking Vampire Ivana Boritsi and trying to thwart Captain Yellowjacket from looting the place.

They Won!... kind of.

In defeating Pa Kettle they acquired a toad with a top hat, a black mamba, Pa Kettle's top hat and voodoo charms and a voodoo doll that requires to be fed blood nightly in order to function (this is fondly carried by Trobone). Most of the Crimson Family didn't make it out alive and a good portion of the Family Fortune was lost. Most of their other fortune was spent buying a ship from Captain Jockamo and the 7 Deadly Sins who ended up stealing their gold and trinkets and stuff.

With the help of a Dragonborn Captain named Bare Knuckle Bjorter the group successfully enacted revenge on the Vampire and Captain Jockamo and the 7 Deadly Sins.

Their next stop was King Roshomon inside the Volcano again. Here Alnor was married to the King's Daughter and became a Shaman in order to gain their aid in guiding them to...

"The Radiant Citadel"

A floating diamond in the sky that they were told to find by Monomo Crimson's Bizarre otherworldly patron in order to make their way to the Moon. Let's go back a bit.

Monomo Crimson's long distance relationship with a strange lady on an ice Comet millions of miles away:

Monomo has always had an odd connection with the cosmos and it wasn't until recently that he learned why. He is a part of a deal with Devils and Aliens to defeat once and for all the Demons of the Abyss. In order for this plan to work Monomo must reach the crystal sphere that envelops our solar system and put a hole in it large enough for a massive comet to come through. There it will hurl though space at tremendous speeds before reaching our planet. Here's where the fate of the world comes in: Monomo's Uncle Zin Crimson must then open a portal on the surface of the Earth just before the Comet collides and destroys the planet and all forms of life on it. But first.....

Slime Chess!

They've officially made it to the Moon where they've met a frost Giant who dresses not unlike Elvis named "Andy". This giant has promised them a spaceship known as a Spelljammer, if they win against him in a game of Slime Chess. Slime chess is like normal chess but vs oozes and slimes. Could this be the end of the party as we know it? Will our adventures out maneuver the lonely Moon giant and escape into space or be gruesomely dissolved inside a gelatinous cube on a giant chessboard on the Moon?

*They're actually on one of the 7 asteroids trailing behind the moon known as the Tears of Selune but it's just easier to say the moon.

Success! The adventurers beat Andy at Slime Chess and as promised he gave them his Spelljammer; a small sleek ship that resmebles a panther with bat wings. Andy also sent with them an automaton gnome named Blinkbulb who has a hooded robe made of a Slithering Tracker (a shiny, killer ooze). The only casulty of Slime chess was the Dragonborn Captain Bareknuckle Bjorter who's bones remain entombed in a gelatenous cube on the moon.

The Party Splits!

At the exact moment the comet reaches Earth a portal must be opened, transporting the comet to the Demon plane of The Abyss and saving the earth from total annhilation. Knowing this, the adventurers decide to split up, one team heading back to earth to find Zin Crimson and open the portal and the other traveling millions of miles to make a hole large enough for a comet in the crystal sphere that surrounds our solar system.

Team Space...

After finding a derelict nautiloid ship and exploring it, the team is captured by Astral Elves who promis to bring them to the edge of the solar system. The Elves are returning from a mining mission where they harvest crystals that hold the power of a planets core so they may bring them back to thier dying star. Of course, in order to harvest these crystals a planet must be destroyed but that's beside the point. While on thier journey some of the elves crew start to go missing. Beleiving it to be the work of the adventurers the elves throw them in the brig. Two days later they are released to help find and destroy whatever is wreaking havoc aboard thier ship. It turns out to be a giant alien mosnter that eats brains which the adventurers help destroy but at the same time murder 3 Dwarven Clerics that were employed by the Elves. The Adventurers are thrown back into the brig where they meet Betty Blackbroom, a Shadar Kai tattoo artist who gives them some magical prison tattoo's.

Eventually, they escape and fight their way to freedom, only to catch up with the elves later and take their ship by force. In an attmept to trick the Elves into opening the crystal sphere they disguise thmeselves as elves and ask for permission to pass through. Unfortuantly, the comet isn't due for another 2 hours so they must stall. Currently, they have damaged their engine and a repair team, that much closer resembles a platoon of soldiers has boarded the ship. Luckily, the batship is due to arrive any second. If they can defeat the platoon of highly trained elf soldeirs they then have to worry about the armadda of Star Moth Battlships that wiat for them on the other side of the crystal sphere.

The Comet Cometh!

Battle ensues and things look bleak until the Batship arrives and magically transforms into it's battle formation. The Panther claws of the batship devastate the enemy crew until there are nobody left. Our space adventurers then decide to damage the explosive crystal they are hauling and launch it strait at the hole in the crystal sphere that the elven armada are making thier way through. The explosion engulfs them in a bright white light as they barely escape the blast. They can assume that none of the elven ships made it away form the blast and half or all of the Elven City, The Glass Spider, was destroyed.

Due to their fear of the Astral Dwarves finding them on the comet they seek refuge inside the comet in thier space craft turned submarine. Inside the comet they meet Monomo's patrons- an undwerwater army of bioluminescant sea monsters and a race of strange comsic, aquatic royalty who communicate only through telepathy. Thier leader and monomo's main contact is a woman riding up on a ship made of ice. Her hair is a cosmic bed of stars that floats as if underwater. She is surrounded by a school of glimmering fish that weave in and around her. Her skin is diamond and in her black eyes you can see the reflection of falling snow. She wears a shimmering dress that appears to be made of sparkling white sand.

Meanwhile down on Earth...

Team Earth has to put together a large sum of money together for Zin Crimson's Portal that will catch the comet before it collides with Earth. They steal the money from the home of the Dwarven Bloodaxe Clan but there is a curse put upon it by a sinister shapeshifter known only as Mr. Blacktooth. Mr. Blacktooth corrupted 6 forges around the world with which he used to forge his cursed gold. The curse brings with it 3 apocalyptic harbringers that lay waste to anyone possessing the gold. The forges themselves are infested with dark magic and undead. They succsessfully relight 2 of the forges ending the curse on them and bestowing Velron's sword with magical powers.

Though the gold is cursed, Zin uses it to purchase the diamonds necessary for the portal. The team is called back to help Zin protect the portal when the comet comes. Zin has constructed massive castle walls and keeps to surround the portal where he places the diamonds. The portal is opened mere hours before the comet arrives and they fend it off, with the help from angels and devils alike, from a hoard of demons that come pouring out of the portal. Our adventurers defend one of the keeps for sometime before retreating into a pocket dimension conjured by the aviator/ toymaker Orville Wrong.

The battle is epic with fireballs and lighting. Someone has summoned a sand storm and fire tornados suck up all in their path. As the Comet crashes into the abyss; steam blasts out of the portal. With it; tentacles come out and are grabbing angels and demons alike. The wall is quickly compromised and the portal closes. An octopus tentacle grabs Zin Crimson just before it closes and drags him into the Abyss. There is now nobody left but 3 angels, a Erinyes with the hots for Orville Wrong and the remnants of a ruined castle buried in the sand. The angels give them gifts for their bravery before flying away. The Erinyes gives Orville a black rose that will summon her wherever she is. Orville's Girlfriend

Soon a woman flys in on a giant Mortar and Pestle with a scarf wrapped around her face and goggles and blasts something moving on the ground. She is none other then Tasha the Dark a.k.a. Iggwilv the Witch Queen and daughter of Baba Yaga. She quickly casts a spell and out of the sand a giant castle springs forth, which, through it's doors, plague doctors with nets and jars and strange pokers emerge. They see a small octopus covered in sand emerge near them which they decide to give to Tasha who immediately disintegrates it. Out of the sky parachutes a beautiful Shadar Kai that tells them she lept off the comet just as it entered Earths Atmosphere.

Tasha meets Betty Blackbroom and tells her that Zin Crimson has a way to travel through paintings that he learned from a man named Dr. Damian Darkhov. Particular paintings however, and apparently two such paintings exist in the Abyss already. Tasha also tells them she can get them into the abyss to save Zin if they so desire. The paintings bring you to a castle in the shadowfell. If anyone knows how to navigate it; it’s Betty Blackbroom- for the castle is none other than The Raven Queen’s Castle of Memories.

They have two choices: have Tasha teleport them to Sedaklah- the fungus and slime layer of the abyss- or find Devora Devotchka and ask to use her portal to the Demonweb Pits in the abyss. They choose the demonweb pits.

Devora Devothcka runs a club in the underdark out of an old steamboat she calls "The Sunken Star". When they arrive they run into a drunk pirate that used to be on thier crew. He threatens them and curses them for betraying thier crew before Devora throws him out of her place. She then strikes a deal with them: if they pay for the companionship of one of her ladies and if the ladies are pleased with them in the morning then she will allow them travel through her Portal to Lolth's lair in the Abyss- The Demonweb Pits. They agree but in the morning find thier companios gone.

Suddenly, angry pirates burst into thier indivual rooms looking for revenge. Thirty more pirates are in the main lounge of the boat with swords and molotov cocktails. Devora shouts at them that burning her place down was not part of the deal. Her ladies open up secret latches in the roof and point heavy crossbows down at the pirates. Our heroic adventurers hide in one of the rooms and board it up as they begin making thier escape out the window.

Varis while in his favored form- that of a giant eagle- discovers a secret door behind a waterfall just behind the steamboat. In it is a secret room of Devora Devothcka's. The rest of the adventurers make thier way to Varis with a burning ship and half burnt pirates hot on thier heels. Varis goes back and saves Devora and brings her into the room where she opens up her portal- which happens to be her bed- and she, the adventureres and three of the half burnt pirates dive into it.

The Abyss

Suddenly, down in the abyss, a portal opens up in the sky

The comet crashes into the abyss, sending the Batship careening through demon and devil alike as it plows at high speeds tearing up the ground until Monomo is able to bring it up into the sky. From there they see the devastation they have brought: a flying leviathan indeisciminatly eats everything in it's path, flying galleons with cosmic, aquatic entities fly overhead projecting pschyic horrors while demons clutch thier heads as they fall, screaming, to the ground. A gargauntuan octopus pulls things out of the closing portal including Zin whom it hurls through the sky. Monomo catches him with the ship just before he crashes into the ground and together they fly over legions upon legions of devils, as far away from the battle as they can.

They finally land thier ship and they are approcehd by a devil platoon. A devil dressed as a lawyer approaches them and introduces himself as Ilkarai Nel- Vice President of the 32nd B-division of the Northern South East section of the Puzunian Blood desert of Baltazo. Things don't go smoothly at first with the Devils. They try and scrap J.B.35.1 for parts and they end up fighting and killing Randar the gnome. (nobody knows that Randar's soul is still alive in a crystal that is currently being held by his pirate monkey).

However, they eventually sign a contract with the devil giving over thier ship for passage to Shedaklah where Zin knows of a painting he can use to get them out. Along the way they stop at a church with phycic goats who are meditating before sacrificing a monkey that has crashed into the abyss in what appears to be some kind of escape pod space shuttle. If that wasn't strange enough, a man sized Turtle wielding a staff with banana's growing on it crashes thought the stain glass window and demands they free the monkey. He helps them save the monkey and kill the goat people and he puts a bracelet on the monkeys arm that sends it back the to the material plane. He then joins thier team.

The Portal to Shadaklah is blocked by a giant spaceship city that is surrounded by molten Iron. It is said that a colony of Deep gnomes discovered ancient, highly advanced technolgy while digging deep in the Earth, that allowed them to build their ship. It is also said that the gnomes used this ship to travel to Shedaklah but the madness of teh mushrooms never allowed them to escape. They crashed thier ship half way throught the portal, blocking the only known entrance and exit. To get through the portal they must board the ship and find their way down through it to the bottom.

The ship is filled with undead- animated by mushrooms. Trobone dispatches most of these with the help of his patron, The Raven Queen. While navigating their way down through the ship they discover a scientist who is working on animating a giant skeleton. They quickly discover he is an automaton named Michael with very realistic skin that he made himself with fungus. He is working on using slimes to create organs and blood for himself as well. When he saw Blinkbulb and his slithering tracker robes he attempted to barter for him which ended up in a fight. He was able to escape (barely) through an escape pod that sent him down into Shedeklah.

Through Trobone's connection with the Raven Queen they discover that the painting they are looking for is in the Temple of Elemental Evil that now sits in the heart of Shedaklah. Can they navigate the temple and escape the abyss with their lives? Will they save Blinkbulb from Michael the mad Automaton?

It's been a while since our last blog so I'll try and sum it up the best I can...

The Demon Web Pits

Meanwhile the party that went with Tasha is plummeted down into the 66th layer of the Abyss: The Demon Web Pits! As they fall endlessly through a dark chasm where giant webs stretch for miles, supporting houses, bones of giants and all manner of other strange objects and entities, they finally catch themselves on a web. Suddenly they are surrounded by Drow, spiders and Driders and are captured and thrown into a colossal prison where they wait to be eaten by a gargantuan blind spider inside a dark cave. They are able to trick one of the guards and make their escape, freeing other prisoners as they go until they have a full on prison break on their hands. In one of the cells is an extremely magic girl who sends out a beacon to her friends to come save them. Just before they are overtaken by prison guards a flying galleon supported by balloons comes down into the prison- oubliette and rescuers them. Onboard the galleon are a gang of pre-teen, victorian vampire girls with an enterouge of muscly, shirtless vampire spawn men- as if this vampire clique was trying their best to live a fantasy life drawn from the cover of a Cheesy romance novel.

The girls contemplate killing the party until Orville works his charms on the outcast of the group- Charlotte.

The girls agree to help them retrieve one of the paintings before dropping them off.

Orville's other girlfiend...

I won't go into too much detail about the vampires such as Claire thier leader, the evil vampire twins or the sinister tall one that tried to exsanguinate Orville, suffice to say they are all quite terrible. Regardless, they are brought to a shop in the Demonweb Pits where a spider, using his webs as puppet strings, animates corpses to sell his trinkets. Hiding in holes in the ceiling of the shop he attempts to beguile the party before they decide to rob him, stealing his top hat, the painting "The Blue Rose" and setting fire to his shop. They escape on the airship and are brought to Shedaklah, The abyssal lair and home to Zuggotmuy (the fungus queen) and Juiblex (the lord of slimes), where they are reunited with their companions.

Once reunited Orville's other girlfriends shows up and there is a fight between her and the vampire girls which ends in her being ripped apart and devoured by them before Orville's eyes. Betty Blackbroom says that she is leading a party into the Temple of Elemental Evil to retrieve another of the Portal Paintings. Zin Crimson leads another party through the Painting of The Blue Rose and into the Shadowfell in an attempt to find...

The Raven Queen's Palace of Memories

They come out of the painting to find themselves in a cave with a black crow like person sitting around a fire. Trobone recognizes it as a Nagpa (one of the Raven Queen's corrupted wizards, cast out of her favor and permanently transformed into their grotesque, avian form. It makes a deal with them to get them into the Palace of Memories if they in turn open up a gate in the lower dungeons for them to sneak in. The Nagpa leads them through a dark forest and onto a boat that leads them down a river of black smoke that brings them to a cemetery on the grounds of The Palace of Memories. As they make their way through the Palace they move through different memories from different lands, worlds and times they become lost for what seems like days. As one of them breaks out of cycle of memories and finds they are in a library where each book is a memory and as the entire library shakes- books fall off the shelves and fall next to the sleeping adventurers, opening up new memories for them. They make their way through the palace, fighting a massive raven in the attic and then burning down the greenhouse outside the castle which draws the attention of Raven Queen.

The Raven Queen gives them one final test to escape her castle. She brings them to the clocktower where a massive bird cage elevator takes them up miles through a montage of memories of the collective group. First they fought their way through Slime Chess on the Moon once again. Next the elevator soared though space and down into the desert and into Monomo Crimson's house where they fought off hoards of zombies while Pa Kettle and the Tea Leaves played their voodoo jazz rock. The third stop brought them back to their origins at Maliki Maui's Volcano Kingdom where upon learning of Bare Knuckle Bjorter's death on the Moon, turned into a ginat tiki god and was prepared to destroy them before Trobone banished him out of existence, saving the lives of everyone. Their final step brought them to the Room with all the paintings where The Raven Queen told them they could escape. Trobone decided to take the elevator up still to the Clocktower to learn the secrets of World from The Raven Queen herself. The rest of them travelled through the painting that Betty Blackbroom and Trobone had told them to go through Betty and Trobone were told by Tasha to send Zin through this painting so that Tasha could punish Zin for paying for his portal with cursed coins that brought death upon people under Tasha's protection.

When Zin Goes through the Portal...

"This can't be good"

-Zin Crimson's last words

When they stepped through the painting "The Green Evening Glove" they found themselves in a dark wooded throne room surrounded by fey creatures and hooded figures bowing before a tree like throne where sat Tasha the Dark: The Witch Queen. Zin Crimson had only enough time to utter some faint words under his breath before Tasha stood up on her massive chair and pointed at him as she shouted in Sylvan. Black roots sprouted from the ground and encased Zin into an ebony tree. Monomo watched as Zin was being engulfed by the tree. Zin reached into his pocked and pulled something out, stretching his arm out before disappearing entirely. Where Zin's hand was was now a dark and twisted branch but hanging from it was Zin's pocket watch which Monomo slowly walked up to and plucked from the tree easily like a ripe fruit. He didn't argue, he didn't fight, nor did he shed any tears for Zin. Monomo looked around at the arboretum of ebony tree's in the throne room and placed his hands upon Zin's tree and said goodbye to another family member. There was now only one family member Monomo had left and he intended on returning to him in once piece. Tasha sent them all back to Maliki Maui where Alnor was crowned the successor to the throne after Maliki Maui. Monomo took his nephew back to their house and began studying the watch beleiving it to be the key to deciphering Zin's notes. What he found is a tale for another time...

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Graeme Gimpelson
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