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Bumbersnoot & Waits Academy for the Arcane Arts

D&D 101

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ABOUT   D&D Class

In this class students will learn the basics of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition through playing. In this 8 week period students will create a character and play as them, redefining the story with every action. This class has no screens or board or anything tangible besides a pen and paper.  The game of D&D is simply a story painted out in the collective imagination of the players who in turn shape the world through their actions. Afterwards you are left with a spectacular tale of adventure and a true feeling that you were there. Imagine if Lord of the Rings was only known by 5 friends who each created and played a main character in the story. Over the years I've accumulated many such adventures. Dungeons and Dragons is a medium through which we tell our story, one that lends itself strongly toward fantasy and typically teaches us about myths and legends from many different cultures. This lead to parents in the 80's thinking their kids were studying witchcraft and demonology.  However, the kids weren't studying witchcraft and demonology, their characters were. Or it's just as likely that they were learning about angels, fairies, science, botany or Cthullu. It completely depends on the story and type of game you want to play. There's also many different kinds of roleplaying games out there and once you know one it's far easier to learn another.  Since D&D has such a long history there's no better game to start off with.


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